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In addition to the team professional development sessions that we regularly have around industry developments/changes, we also conduct Peer file reviews, Journal reviews and reflections on professional development that has been completed by other members within our team. Staff also present to other service providers, schools and at State and National conferences. To share some of the knowledge and experience that our team holds and acquires we have opted to share this with our clients and others who may have an interest in the topics via these blog postings. We also hope that this will inform potential clients around our areas of interest and expertise to ensure that you’re opting for the provider that best matches your needs. Postings are the opinions and reflections of our staff and are not an attempt to impart recommendations on training programs that may be reflected upon. You are welcome to download/share the PDFs provided that WHR Allied Health is referenced.

Attachment Theory and Sensory Processing

In order to best support our clients, we can use concepts and theory related to Attachment to understand the foundations of how to best approach needs related to our clients sensory processing needs. This along with gaining a foundational understanding of their...

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